Staff Training

Eliminate the human error factor through proper training and follow-up audits to ensure that personal information is protected and continues to be protected. 

IPP can develop processes and procedures from your Privacy Policy to create manuals and curriculum for staff training purposes. This ensures that administrative, physical and technical safeguards are addressed and formally put in place to protect the personal information you collect and manage.

Need training for your privacy officer?

If you are a small or medium-sized business, the practical series of online courses available through may be a good solution for you. Your designated privacy officer will learn what he/she needs to know to be effective in this role and develop and maintain a privacy management program with the tools and templates provided that will meet compliance with private sector privacy laws in Canada. 

Completing the courses provided by has given me peace of mind knowing I have a compliant foundation in place on which to build my privacy management program (PMP.) I was guided step by step through all the assignments and requirements and provided with helpful links to additional information and resources.  The courses are created so people can work at their own pace when busy schedules allow, and the weekly reminders are a great motivator. I took advantage of direct access to Marilyn and benefited from her expertise to customize the suite of PMP templates and processes to suit my company’s needs. I highly recommend the courses for any organization looking to implement a PMP.
Liz Lee, Founder
Lezayre e-Submissions Ltd.