IPP Consulting wants to ensure that all personal information collected and utilized for business purposes is compliant with privacy laws and protected from privacy breaches. With its focus on prevention of harm, IPP can help you to ensure your business has a solid privacy policy with supporting business practices, that is managed and maintained throughout the organization.

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About IPP

IPP Consulting's MISSION:

TO ENSURE YOUR BUSINESS IS Compliant with Canadian Privacy Laws and has practices in place that can prevent privacy breaches. 

IPP Consulting is Based in Victoria, BC

IPP Consulting focuses on helping private and public organizations meet their obligation to operate in compliance with British Columbia’s and any other applicable privacy laws. To prevent privacy breaches, personal and sensitive information must be protected through sound policy, good business practices, up-to-date information on privacy laws and staff training. 



In 2015, Marilyn received her CIPP/C (Certified Information Privacy Professional – Canada) designation from the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). Through ongoing professional development to maintain her certification and as a member of IAPP, she keeps herself up-to-date on Canadian and International privacy law.

Utilizing this privacy knowledge and expertise with more than 25 years of management experience in marketing, communications, business development, risk management and operations within private, public and non-profit organizations, she reviews privacy policy and practices, assesses compliance to applicable privacy law, and provides guidance and advice to senior management on how to improve the protection of personal and sensitive information under its custody and control.