Between developments and advancements in technology and human error in processing and handling personal information, privacy breaches are increasing exponentially. This trend means that all organizations need to be taking appropriate steps and measures to comply with privacy laws and prevent privacy breaches, which could permanently damage their reputation and drive them out of business.

A certified privacy professional understands privacy laws and what organizations need to do to comply. This expertise can provide your business with the guidance and support it needs to address privacy issues and gaps.

What iPP Consulting can do for you:
  • Identify, document and review the personal and sensitive information you collect to ensure that collection, processing, security, storage and retention practices are compliant with applicable privacy laws

  • Work with your team to address any issues and gaps identified through data inventory and mapping

  • Review your privacy policy, to ensure that your internal processes and procedures support the policy
  • Review your privacy notice, to ensure that your public communication on how you are managing personal information is accurate and in alignment with your privacy policy
  • Review contracts with third parties who process or manage personal information on your behalf, to ensure personal information is protected appropriately

  • Develop manuals and curriculum from the Privacy Policy for staff training
  • Deliver staff training
  • Support you with Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs), to ensure new or revised projects or programs define and include privacy considerations to meet privacy law compliance 
  • Provide you with notification of changes or modifications in laws that affect your business and advise you on how to remain compliant
  • Provide ongoing consulting support as-needed, to assist you with remaining compliant a
  • Perform privacy audits to ensure compliance is maintained and the risk of a breach is reduced
  • Provide support with managing a privacy breach, once it has occurred

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