Personal Information Inventory (PII)

You need to know what personal information you collect, use and disclose in order to take the appropriate steps to protect this information. By using our system of documenting the details in a PII, we can assess if you have proper safeguards in place and everything is gathered together to meet regulator requirements.

Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
If you are thinking about creating a new program, system or technology, a PIA helps you to identify privacy issues, assess privacy risk and make informed privacy decisions. 

A PIA evaluates whether the collection, use or disclosure of personal information applicable to your business complies with privacy laws and other policies, laws or regulations that deal with information management.

The resulting PIA report, identifies specific compliance actions taken or to be taken to meet:

  • Collection authority
  • Direct collection, notification and consent
  • Retention
  • Accuracy
  • Use
  • Disclosure
  • Administrative, physical and technical safeguards
  • Technology and privacy issues